Past meetings

Roentgenfest is Nottingham’s annual one-day educational and research event for radiology trainees and consultant radiologists in the East Midlands. The adacemic day consists of a morning of educational and research talks, delivered by experts from across the regions and sometimes further afield, followed by research and audit presentations from radiology trainees and academic clinical fellows in the afternoon. It is held every year in late Autumn in Nottingham, UK.

One of the main ideas is to showcase the work trainees have been doing locally, regionally and nationally and celebrate their achievements. For junior trainees it is the opportunity to present work to a large group of people. For more senior trainees and consultants it is a great chance to network outside of their local hospital and meet-up with colleagues from around the region.

Each year there are prizes for the best oral research presentation, best audit / quality improvement project presentation and best poster. In 2021 we moved to ePosters rather than paper posters (to keep with the times!) which was a sucess and will continue in future years.

Each year the event is kindly sponsored by industry representatives, showcasing their products and giving them a fairly informal environment to chat to radiologists. This strong collaboration with inductry has previously allowed us to host this event for free for radiologists and trainees in the region and we will aim to continue this going forward. We also receive strong supoprt from the academic school in the East Midlands.

We look forward to welcoming many of you to Roentgenfest this November!

Roentgenfest 2023

  23rd November 2023
 Goosedale Events Centre, Nottingham
  110 attendees
  Pete Twining Memorial Lecturer: Dr Maruti Kumaran

Prize winners

  Audit / Quality improvement project oral presentation (£100) Winner:
Investigating Aortic Dissection in the Emergency Department – an audit of local practice
Dr Mehreen Yousuff

  Educational / Interesting case presentation oral presentation (£100) Winner:
Embolisation of the lower ureter for persistant urinary leakage using the Amplatzer plug and cyanoacrylate glue “sandwich” technique
Dr Abdulbasit Dhedhi

Roentgenfest 2022

  24th November 2022
  Goosedale Events Centre, Nottingham

Roentgenfest 2021

  28th October 2021
  Goosedale Events Centre, Nottingham

Unfortunately Roentgenfest 2020 was cancelled due to the COVID pandemic restrictions.

Roentgenfest 2019

  28th November 2019
  Village Hotel, Nottingham

Roentgenfest 2018

  8th November 2018
  Village Hotel, Nottingham

Roentgenfest 2017

 30th November 2017
  Village Hotel, Nottingham